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Calm and Protected Whale Watching in Busselton

Busselton Whale Watching Southern Migration

Busselton is one of Western Australia’s favourite seaside towns, nestled at the northern end of beautiful Geographe Bay.  Gateway to the world famous Margaret River wine region and home to the iconic Busselton Jetty and it’s amazing waterfront precinct, Busselton is an ideal destination for your whale watching experience.

A popular choice for all ages, comfortable, easy boarding access is assured from the Busselton Jetty or the waterfront marina. Sail the clear sparkling seas of Geographe Bay, the only true north facing bay in Western Australia. The calm protected conditions are not only popular with passengers, they are also welcomed by the whales.

From the beginning of September, Humpback Whales make their epic southern migration to the feeding  grounds of Antarctica. In October, we begin to see Blue Whales in the bay as they too head south. The southern migration is special.  In the protective care of their mothers, calves leave their birthplace in the tropical north and make the epic trek south for the first time, an incredible journey for a baby only months old. The calm, protected waters of Geographe Bay offer the weary wanderers an opportunity to rest before crossing an entire ocean for the first time.

The relaxed cetacean visitors are unconcerned by our careful and respectful approach. Be enthralled as curiosity outweighs caution and a calf approaches our vessel, or delight in the sight of it nursing in the shallows. Feel an incredible sense of awe as you appreciate  the sheer size of the largest animals on earth, often swimming so close you will hear them breathe.

Look down through waters so clear you can see the emerald seagrass meadows below, the foundation of an ecosystem more productive than a coral reef, and a nursery for some of our most highly prized fish species. As we drift peacefully past the stunning shores, see fur seals resting between fishing expeditions on the rocks. Look out for sea eagles and ospreys soaring overhead, while petrels and shearwaters skim the surface and diving gannets drop from the sky to capture fish in the depths. Minke whales are also sighted on occasion, and pods of common and bottlenose dolphins also often join our tours, surfing alongside, or engaging in stunning acrobatic displays.


Expedition Details

Please allow up to 2.5 hours depending on wildlife sightings

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Each trip is led by our experienced, friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff who are eager to share with you their knowledge and passion for Western Australia's marine wildlife. As a locally owned and operated family business, we're delighted to share the wonders of the South West with you - we'll make you feel right at home! Complimentary morning/afternoon tea including coffee, herbal tea, water and biscuits will complete your comfort on board.

Dates: Mid August
Departure times: Daily at 10.00am & 2:00pm
Naturaliste Charters extraordinary Busselton Whale Watching Experiences depart daily from the Port Geographe Marina, 21 Spinnaker Boulevard, Port Geogrpahe.

The tour

Busselton Whale Watching Tours are an incredible experience. Tours go straight out into Geographe Bay, a calm shallow north facing bay. The whales are enticed into these waters while they are making their migration southward. For six months Humpback and Southern Right Whales make the long journey from cold nutrient rich waters to lower latitudes around the Australian continent. The water here is calm and warm, the perfect conditions for giving birth and clearing the body of any unwanted cold water parasites.

When to go

From September to November you can head out from Busselton and witness these magnificent whales frolicking in the bay.

Humpback Whales will migrate the furthest, travelling almost 13,000kms. They reach the north of Australia to a place called Camden Sound and then head back down again. They make this journey each year and will visit Geographe Bay for a few months of the year.

Southern Right Whales also venture north but are much slower than Humpbacks. They will use the bays in the south of Australia such as Geographe Bay to nurse their young calves. Typically returning back to the same area they were born, mother whales will give birth in the shallow water. Spending weeks or even months in a single bay nurturing and guiding their calves.

You can observe these whales in crystal clear, calm water resting below the surface. An inquisitive whale often gets our attention as they sail toward us for a closer inspection. When the winds are up, the whales like to jump! Breaching behaviour is spectacular and when the ocean is stirred up by strong winds the whales tend to show off!

Where to go

A Busselton Whale Watching tour with Naturaliste Charters can take you safely and comfortably to see these whales in action. We have two departure locations; the well known ‘Busselton Jetty’ and the newly built Port Geographe Marina, only 1 kilometre down the road. Only one departure location will be used each day which depends on the weather conditions. Once you have booked your busselton whale watching tour, you will be advised on the departure location. Both have full accessibility for all abilities and cater for all ages.

We have gift vouchers available that make for great birthday or anniversary gifts or bring the entire family for maximum fun! The educational and inspirational tours are exciting for everyone. There is never a dull moment while whale watching in Busselton with us.