Our Accreditations & Memberships

Quality Tourism Accredited Business

We are proud to be recognised by the Quality Tourism Accreditation program, signifying our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations. These accreditations validate our dedication to exceeding customer expectations through best practices in service, safety, advertising, risk management, and business operations.

Apex Predators hunting

Eco Star:

Eco Star Accreditation recognizes our dedication to environmental sustainability and responsible business practices. This certification highlights our efforts to minimise our ecological footprint while providing unparalleled marine experiences.

Marine Tourism:

As a holder of Marine Tourism Accreditation, we uphold the highest standards of safety, professionalism, and environmental responsibility in all our marine activities. This accreditation underscores our commitment to providing safe, enjoyable, and eco-friendly adventures on the water.

Sustainable Tourism:

Our Sustainable Tourism Quality Accreditation reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism practices. This accreditation acknowledges our efforts to integrate environmental, social, and economic sustainability principles into every aspect of our operations.

Signature Experience of Australia

At Naturaliste Charters, we don’t just offer marine experiences – we define excellence in responsible tourism. Our dedication to environmental stewardship and exceptional quality has earned us a collection of prestigious accreditations and memberships that set us apart as leaders in the industry.

Australian Wildlife Journeys – Signature Experience of Australia:

As proud members of Australian Wildlife Journeys, we are recognised as a premier wildlife tourism operator offering authentic and immersive wildlife experiences. This membership reflects our commitment to showcasing Australia’s diverse wildlife while prioritising conservation and sustainability.

Our membership in Australian Wildlife Journeys also positions us as a Signature Experience of Australia, endorsed by Tourism Australia. This prestigious recognition highlights our exceptional contribution to Australia’s tourism industry and our commitment to delivering world-class wildlife experiences.

whale watching australia
whale watching australia
Naturaliste Charters Team

Eco Tourism Green Travel Leader Accreditation

As a certified Green Travel Leader, we proudly showcase our long-standing commitment to sustainability through our Eco Tourism Accreditation. This prestigious accreditation celebrates over 10 years of ECO Certification, representing our consistent dedication to sustainable tourism management. When you see the Green Travel Leader logo, you can trust that our operations have consistently upheld ECO Certification standards for more than a decade, ensuring a genuine and authentic eco-friendly experience.


Why Choose ECO Certification?

Looking to make a positive impact on the environment during your holiday? The ECO Certification logo guarantees that you’ll experience genuine and authentic tours, attractions, or accommodations that prioritise environmental stewardship. Backed by a commitment to sustainable practices, ECO Certification assures you of high-quality nature-based tourism experiences that leave a minimal ecological footprint.


We are proud ambassadors for our breathtaking local region and understand the value of partnering with organisations that share our passion for showcasing its wonders. As active members of these organisations, we not only advance our own goals but also provide vital support to them whilst they work tirelessly to attract tourists to the region.

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Australia’s South West:

We are active members of Australia’s South West, a regional tourism organisation promoting the vibrant tourism offerings of Western Australia’s South West region. Our partnership with Australia’s South West reflects our dedication to showcasing the natural beauty and cultural richness of our region.

Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association:

As members of the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association, we contribute to the promotion and development of tourism in the Margaret River and Busselton region. This membership underscores our commitment to supporting the local tourism industry and enhancing visitor experiences in our community.

At Naturaliste Charters, our accreditations and memberships reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and environmental conservation. Join us on an unforgettable journey where responsible tourism and exceptional experiences converge seamlessly.