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Meet Our Crew

Company Directors: Paul & Alison Cross

Enter the dynamic duo and visionaries behind Naturaliste Charters – Paul and Alison Cross, our passionate owners who took the helm over a decade ago in 2009. Their mission: to enrich lives by forging connections between guests and the extraordinary marine biodiversity of the south-west region.

Homegrown enthusiasts, Paul and Alison are deeply devoted to their beloved region, proud to unveil its remarkable beauty to visitors worldwide. Their unique approach intertwines conservation, research, and tourism, all while tackling the monumental task of raising three young kids.

These hands-on owners don’t just steer the ship metaphorically – Paul, the all-rounder, can be
spotted in the office, skippering vessels, and overseeing maintenance, ensuring seamless operations. Meanwhile Alison, with her vibrant and energetic demeanour and keen eye for detail, skillfully oversees the intricate facets of our operations, ensuring every aspect runs seamlessly.

paul and alison

In a heartwarming twist, the main whale-watching vessel, Alison Maree, crafted specifically for the Southern Ocean, bears the name of its muse, Paul’s wife, Alison, adding a personal touch to the sea adventures.

This dynamic couple is the driving force behind the flourishing Killer Whale Expeditions in Bremer Bay. Their excitement for the future of tourism in the South West of Western Australia is palpable, having successfully placed Bremer Bay Killer Whales on the international map. With Paul and Alison at the helm, the journey is not just a boat ride – it’s a transformative experience that leaves an
inspiring mark on the heart of every guest.

Naturaliste Charters Team

Office Manager: Nakita Field

Nakita, our esteemed Office Manager at Naturaliste Charters since 2016, brings not only a wealth of experience but also a profound passion for the beauty of the South West. As a mum with a young family, Nakita finds immense joy in everything the stunning locale has to offer. Since her school days, she has nurtured a strong enthusiasm for the tourism industry, recognizing the excitement it brings to both locals and visitors alike.

Nakita thrives on providing exceptional customer service, a quality she holds dear. Her commitment extends beyond the office, as she thoroughly enjoys the unique perk of her role — venturing out on the water to witness the awe-inspiring whales and the mesmerising blues of the ocean. This firsthand experience not only deepens her connection to the environment but also fuels her passion for showcasing the region’s natural wonders. Read More…

Additionally, Nakita takes pride in observing our dedicated team consistently deliver exceptional experiences to our guests. Her appreciation for the stunning marine life and environment we are privileged to work with is evident in her unwavering commitment to ensuring each visitor has a memorable and enchanting experience. Nakita’s enthusiasm, combined with her love for the region and dedication to outstanding service, makes her an invaluable asset to our Naturaliste Charters family.


Deckhand: Kyle Sims

Meet Kyle Sims, our seasoned and charismatic Leading Deckhand/Marine Naturalists at Naturaliste Charters, boasting over a decade of experience working on the water. An invaluable member of our family since 2016, Kyle is not just a deckhand – he’s a Customer Service legend with an infectious enthusiasm for ensuring everyone aboard has an unforgettable time.

Known for his true-blue Aussie banter, Kyle brings a vibrant energy to every excursion. His extensive knowledge of the ocean is unparalleled, whether he’s sharing insights into the fascinating world of whales and their migrations or offering tips and tricks about fishing. Kyle is the go-to man if you’re eager to learn a thing or two about the marine wonders that surround us.
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Beyond the deck, Kyle spends his downtime cruising the picturesque shorelines in his trusty cruiser. An avid angler, he relishes in catching up with friends for a laid-back bout of fishing or a good old- fashioned barbecue.

With a genuine love for the sea and a commitment to providing top-notch customer service, Kyle Sims is an integral part of the Naturaliste Charters team, ensuring each journey is not just a boat ride but an unforgettable adventure.

whale watching crew

Deckhand: Kane Watson

Meet Kane, our seasoned Deckhand/Marine Naturalists who first dipped his toes into the world of Naturaliste Charters through our work experience program back in 2017. While attending St Mary Mackillop High School, Kane became enamoured with marine adventures, setting the stage for his journey with us.

After completing his schooling, Kane headed north to Broome, where he honed his skills working on luxury vessels. In 2020, he officially rejoined the Naturaliste Charters family, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a passion for maritime exploration. Read More…

Kane’s love for the sea isn’t confined to the job. Beyond the decks, you’ll find him immersed in fishing, diving, navigating the waters on boats, and tackling rugged terrains with his 4×4. Kane’s diverse interests and dedication make him an integral part of our crew, ensuring every voyage is filled with excitement and expertise.

Get ready to embark on your whale watching adventure with Kane Watson, our adventurous Deckhand, as we explore the beauty of the ocean together!


Marine Biologist: Jade Cantrall

Since 2023, Jade has been a vital member of the Naturaliste Charters crew, bringing her passion for marine life to the forefront. A proud graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from James Cook University, Jade seamlessly blends academic excellence with hands-on expertise.

Jade’s most cherished moment on the water occurred during the Dunsborough season when a mesmerising encounter unfolded with a mother and calf Humpback whale. The duo gracefully circled our boat throughout the entire tour, engaging in spyhopping and playful antics on both sides, ensuring everyone aboard had a captivating view. Read More…

Jade loves the unpredictability of working on the water, witnessing marine life in its raw form, and experiencing diverse interactions is what makes every day unique. The thrill lies in never knowing what to expect.

Jade is not just a scientist; she’s quite the explorer skilled in kayaks, boats, jet skis, and quad bikes. Off duty, she’s a social superhero, raising over $250 for the Leukaemia Foundation in 2018 through the World’s Greatest Shave and dedicating numerous hours to volunteering on various projects.

Jade Cantrall, our fully qualified Marine Biologist, brings a blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to every adventure aboard Naturaliste Charters.

whale watching crew

Office Administration: Helena Fergusson

Meet Helena Fergusson, our newest addition to the team at Naturaliste Charters. Helena has been living locally in the South West since 1991 and is passionate about our region, its oceans and the natural beauty of our countryside.

Helena is known for her organisational skills, attention to detail and positive attitude makes her a natural choice to work in our office environment. Helena is our social media maestro and a skilled blogger. She leverages her creativity to curate engaging content that showcases the breathtaking marine life and scenic wonders our charters offer. Read More…

Helena thrives on providing outstanding customer service, a quality she values deeply. Her commitment is to ensuring each guest has a memorable and enchanting experience.

In her personal time, Helena is an avid traveller who loves to explore new destinations to feed her adventurous spirit. Western Australia in all its diversity is one of her favourite destinations. She finds solace in swimming and enjoys the thrill of fishing.

Helena is a part of the heart of Naturaliste Charters and her enthusiasm for the region, dedication to exceptional service makes her an invaluable asset to our team.


Marine Biologist: Jennah Tucker

Armed with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Marine Science and Zoology, Jennah seamlessly navigates the marine world. From capturing moments in the rugged, remote Kimberley region with True North Adventure Cruises, to spotting marine wonders as a deckhand with Broome Whale Watching, and surveying humpback whales from the sky on the Ningaloo coast, she’s a seasoned explorer with a knack for the sea.

Jennah’s passion for marine conservation goes beyond the classroom. With a rich background in customer service, marine fauna spotting, and observing cetacean behaviour, she brings a wealth of expertise to the Naturaliste Charters team. Read More…

Off marine duty, Jennah reveals her adventurous side. Whether she’s plunging into the depths of the blue or cleaning up beaches in Fiji, she’s a driving force for marine conservation. Add to that her talent for community outreach and school workshops, and you get a perfect blend of education and oceanic adventures.

Jennah Tucker: our aspiring marine conservationist and seasoned adventurer, ready to make waves with the Naturaliste Charters crew.

whale watching crew

Deckhand: Mark Jackman

Say hello to “Jacko”, our dedicated Casual Deckhand & videographer with a passion for all things wildlife. Since 2018, Jacko has been an invaluable member of the Naturaliste Charters team, bringing not only expertise in maritime matters but also a wealth of knowledge about wildlife both beneath the waves and on land.

Working on sustainably certified commercial fishing vessels over three decades, gleaming a deep understanding of the Indian & Southern Oceans that this experience accrues to complement our diverse team of marine experts. Read More…

When he’s not on board, Jacko volunteers his time in assisting threatened species research, conservation & awareness of the fascinating & endangered West Australian Numbats. His commitment to wildlife extends beyond the sea with his partner’s Reptile Education Centre, Discover Deadly, showcasing his diverse dedication to the preservation of our unique Australian fauna.

Beyond the call of duty, Jacko is a man of diverse interests. Whether he’s searching the coast for the perfect wave to surf, immersing himself in the ocean free diving or camping out solo for extended periods, Jacko embodies a true adventurer’s spirit. His love for photography and videography capturing the beauty of nature, adds an artistic flair to his exploration of the natural world.

If you have any questions about encountering elusive & rare south west native wildlife, or out of the way coastal locations after you disembark, Jacko is more than happy to share his vast knowledge with our valued customers. As a customer himself before joining the team, he strives for continuing our legacy in exceeding our passengers’ expectations & experience far beyond your day onboard our tours.


Deckhand: Karina Mitchell

Introducing Karina, otherwise known as “Mitch”, our dedicated deckhand who has been an integral part of our team during every Bremer season. A true Albany local, Karina embodies the spirit of the south coast of Australia, where she fearlessly navigates the waters with a deep love for the ocean.

Affectionately dubbed the “mum who surfs”, Karina’s adventurous spirit has been a constant throughout her life. With a background as a commercial shell diver from a young age, she seamlessly transitioned into the tourism industry on the south coast, where her wealth of marine knowledge truly shines. Karina’s expertise in marine experiences adds a unique dimension to our team. Read More…

Beyond her professional pursuits, Karina is a superwoman in every sense. Balancing her career with
the joyful chaos of raising two shark-obsessed kids, she embodies resilience and passion. A hidden gem about Karina is her post-work ritual during Bremer season – she heads to Native Dog for a sunset surf, showcasing her commitment to both her work and her personal connection to the sea.

Karina’s unwavering dedication, wealth of experience, and fearless approach to life make her an invaluable asset to Naturaliste Charters. Her love for the ocean, coupled with her role as a supermum and water enthusiast, truly sets her apart in our maritime family.

whale watching crew

Photographer: Machi Yoshida

Machi Yoshida completed a Diploma in Marine biology, zoology, and ethology in Japan in 2008. She went on to become an animal trainer and worked with sea otters, seals and penguins for five years in Kobe Aquarium.

Orcas have always been a fascination for Machi since a young age. In 2017 her lifelong dream came true with an opportunity to work as a whale watching guide in Japan. Machi has been working with Gojiraiwa Kanko whale watching tours as well as Naturaliste Charters as a professional photographer.
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On board Naturaliste, Machi has been working to identify each individual orca as well as their respective family pods for the purposes of developing a catalogue due to be released soon.

The Japanese Orca season runs from April to August while the Bremer Canyon season runs from December to March. During the remaining part of the year, Machi travels abroad to other countries to continue her passion for orcas. She has photographed Orcas in Canada, the USA, and Mexico. She hopes to travel to South Africa later this year to find her black and white friends.

If “My favourite thing about being out on the Bremer Canyon over the last seven years, has been watching the Orcas grow from calves to adults. It is exciting to see their development unfold and observe their behaviours. Seeing the new babies is also very special to me. Orcas are incredibly social creatures and fascinating to watch on the open ocean!”