An Unforgettable Afternoon: 04.07.2024 Afternoon Tour

Unforgettable afternoon with Humpbacks

An Unforgettable Start

This afternoon, we had an unforgettable experience on the Alison Maree.

Our tour began with a heartwarming sighting of the first Southern Right whales of the season.

Passengers were in for a treat as they were fortunate to see a female and her very young calf.

The Bond Between Mother and Calf

It was heartwarming to see the bond between the mother and her baby as they swam gracefully through the water.

The calf’s playful behaviour and curiosity were truly a joy to watch.

This offered us a rare glimpse into the tender moments shared between these magnificent creatures.

Many More Humpbacks in Flinders Bay

As we continued our journey, we encountered numerous humpbacks cruising through Flinders Bay.

The sight of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat was awe-inspiring.

Their powerful movements and occasional breaches left us in awe, serving as a beautiful reminder of the ocean’s wonders.

Spectacular Breaches

Watching the humpbacks cruise through the bay was a sight to behold.

Some of them treated us to spectacular breaches, showcasing their incredible strength and agility.

Each breach was met with gasps and applause from everyone on board, as the sheer power and grace of these whales were on full display.

An Unforgettable and Beautiful Reminder

This afternoon’s tour was a beautiful reminder of the incredible wildlife in our oceans.

It emphasised the importance of preserving these natural habitats.

We feel privileged to have witnessed such a magnificent display of nature.

Join Us for Future Tours

If you haven’t experienced whale watching yet, we highly recommend joining us for a tour.

There’s nothing quite like seeing these giants of the sea up close.

Thank you to everyone who joined us today. We look forward to more magical moments on future tours!

Join us on an Augusta Whale Watching Tour


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Dunsborough Whale Watching Tours are commencing mid August

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