7 Best Beaches in Margaret River

7 best beaches in Margaret River

Margaret River is well known for its world-class surf breaks, stunning sunsets on the west coast horizon, clean white sandy beaches and limestone coastlines. Find out which are the seven best beaches in Margaret River.

The Margaret River region stretches from the beachside towns of Busselton and Dunsborough in the north to Augusta in the south. It’s famous for Surfers Point to the west, a renowned surf break and annual host of the Margaret River Pro and World Surfing League Championships, surrounded by 135 kilometres of coastline and 75 surf breaks. 

The region’s western beaches, from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouses, offer activities for surfers, wind surfers, swimmers, and beachgoers, with some beaches accessible by four-wheel drive or by walking. Margaret River’s top beaches feature a mix of sandy shores, rocky outcrops, calm waters, and beach breaks, making it an exciting exploration destination.

Meelup Beach


Trees at the Meelup Beach

Located west of Dunsborough, Meelup Beach is a popular beach for locals and tourists to visit. The grassy knolls and shady trees make it a comfortable picnic spot and swimming is usually in the calm turquoise-coloured ocean.

Plenty of parking spaces make this the go-to place during the spring and summer seasons, but Meelup Beach is truly a beautiful place to visit all year round.

Yallingup Beach


Shore line on Yallingup Beach

Just a short drive south from Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse takes you to Yallingup, a picturesque coastal town that cascades down limestone cliffs to its beaches. Famous for its Yallingup Mainbreak, a surf spot easily reached by a short paddle offshore. Near the shore, The Lagoon offers a reef-protected area with tranquil waters ideal for family outings, swimming, or just lounging around.

At the town’s northern edge, Rabbit Hill boasts an excellent beach break favoured by body surfers and boogie boarders, complemented by expansive white sandy beaches. Further up the coast, there’s another surf spot attracting surfers willing to navigate the lengthy sandy path in hope of catching the perfect wave.

Canal Rocks


Canal rocks on Yallingup Beach

A popular photo spot for tourists and locals is Canal Rocks. A unique rock formation creating a natural canal in the ocean there is a footbridge which allows for scenic views and breathtaking photography. Nearby the Canal Rocks is the home of The Aquarium, a natural ocean pool where the waves spill over the edges of surrounding rocks to create a relaxed swimming area. There are limited sandy areas for relaxing here and conditions have been known to be dangerous during strong weather. 



Gracetown just off the Cowaramup Bay Road

Gracetown is a natural limestone bay off Cowaramup Bay Road. The seaside town graces the slopes around it and views of the bay are breathtaking. Gracetown is popular with locals, holiday makers and tourists alike. The town has a small and comfortable beachside caravan park and a local store and cafe. The beach surrounding the bay is rocky to either side and at the centre of the crest you can find soft white sand and calm waters suitable for swimming. Surfing is possible from the back of the bay when conditions are right.

Ellensbrook at Mokidup


Ellensbrook situated near the end of Ellen Brook Road

You can visit Ellensbrook situated near the end of Ellen Brook Road. This area is of historical and cultural significance, with beautiful bushland and garden settings surrounding the historical homestead. Its peaceful location is perfect for a picnic or a walk to the beach or Meekadarabee Falls which is a short hike away. The Cape to Cape track also runs through Ellensbrook. Ellensbrook Mainbreak beach is a small rocky beach with popular surfing breaks Ulus, Noisies, Lefties and Bombie located nearby. 

Prevelly (Margaret River)


Prevelly located west of Margaret River

Prevelly, located eight kilometres west of Margaret River, is home to several beaches, including the famous Mainbreak surf spot. This beach is relatively small and features limestone and granite rocks. Adjacent to Mainbreak are The Box and the Margaret River Rivermouth, where a surf lifesaver is stationed daily during the summer. Additionally, popular surf spots like Bombie, Gaspoint, and Grunters are nearby, with Grunters being a favourite among children.

Further south of Prevelly, the coastline is lined with numerous beaches ideal for a day filled with beach and water activities. These include Boodjidup and Redgate, close to the wineries, and Boranup Beach, located near the magnificent Boranup Forests. A drive through the towering karri trees to reach these beaches offers an enchanting experience with the play of light through the canopy.

Hamelin Bay


Hamelin Bay Beach is the drive off Caves Road

Hamelin Bay Beach is located at the end of a drive off Caves Road. The sparkling white sandy beaches invite locals and holiday makers year round. Hamelin Bay Holiday Park is situated right beside the beach and offers beachside chalets, camping and caravan spaces. 

The remnants of the Hamelin Bay Jetty, constructed in 1882, continue to stand on the beach and are a favoured focal point in many tourists’ photos. The area is renowned for its stingrays, attracting crowds eager to witness these creatures thriving in the clear, blue waters, especially during the summer.

Whale Watching


Two killer whales spotted on tour_Naturaliste Charters

Southeast of Hamelin Bay and directly below Margaret River lies the laid-back coastal town of Augusta. Popular pastimes here include beachcombing, fishing, kitesurfing, and surfing when the season is right. Augusta is also known for its grassy spots at The Colour Patch and sandy beaches to the south, perfect for picnics and relaxation. Additionally, the town boasts two scenic waterfront parks to its south.

If you’re in Augusta during the months between May and August, you may like to take in a whale watching tour. Naturaliste Charters conducts two daily tours which depart from the Augusta Boat Harbour.

The tours mainly observe humpback whales travelling north during their migration season, with frequent sightings of blue and pygmy whales, alongside other marine life like seals, sharks, dolphins, and a diverse array of seabirds.

We also offer whale watching excursions departing from Dunsborough and these are offered from the end of August to November. This period marks the return of the humpback whales from their migratory journey through the warmer northwestern waters, often accompanied by their calves.

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