The Best Perth to Augusta Road Trip Itinerary (Written by Locals)

There is nothing like a good ol’ road trip!

In most cases it probably means you are heading off on a weekend away or even an extended holiday, so I’m sure the happy vibes will be flowing strong to begin with! And sitting in a car for hours on end doesn’t always have to occur, why not break up the drive and explore some fun and exciting new places on your journey south?

Here we have planned out the ultimate road trip from Perth to the beautiful coastal town of Augusta where two oceans meet, and the whales roam free.

Stop 1 – Midway Farmstall

Back in the car and heading down the Forrest Hwy once more! Next stop is the sparkling protected waters of Geographe Bay in Busselton.

Here you will find the longest wooden piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere! If you really want to stretch your legs, you could walk the 1.841km long jetty, otherwise jump on the jetty train and make your way down to the end where you can head down into the underwater observatory. Keep your eye out for the coral formations on the jetty piles, schools of fish or maybe even a mermaid?!

Stop 3 – Beerfarm

Now I am sure after all that walking (or train riding) you will have certainly worked up an appetite, so don’t you worry because our next stop is only just down the road, and it will have you walking away with happy and full bellies.

Just a short 25 minute drive from the jetty will land you at the Beerfarm in Metricup. This old dairy farm was converted into a brewery back in 2015 and offers a delicious range of food and beverages (of course that includes their tasty cold beers!).

The old hay shed has now been converted into the tavern and the rustic décor gives you that real insight to the farming days of the property. If you have kids in tow, there is plenty of room for them to run around and during the warmer months they also have a huge slip and slide set up for some wet and wild fun (sorry adults, this is for kids only!).

Stop 4 – Boranup Karri Forest

Once the bellies are full, it’s time to hit the road again! And here we will take a slight detour off of the Bussell Highway and make our way towards the coastline and the well known Caves Road.

Caves road is littered with plenty to see and do along the way (yes there are plenty of caves as the name suggests as well as wineries, breweries, beaches, mazes, venison farms and more!) but one part of the road that really is a must see, is the magical Boranup Karri Forest.

Pull over at the forest lookout where you can overlook the towering Kari trees spread throughout the forest valley. Ferns, wildflowers and seasonal orchids and fungi really do create a magical scenery that is fit for a fairy tale. It’s the perfect place to snap away on the camera, although photos never seem to do justice to the true beauty of the sun beams bouncing off the smooth trunks of the Kari trees.

Stop 5 – Hamelin Bay

Hopefully, with all the adventure along the way, no one in the car is saying “are we there yet?!” Whether that be the case or not, there is one more stop to squeeze in before we reach our destination and it’s only just down the road.

Last stop before Augusta is the beautiful Hamelin Bay.This sleepy little bay really is a sight for sore driving eyes with its white sand, coastal cliffs and turquoise waters. It is also home to a large population of friendly stingrays!

If you are lucky enough to be there on a day where the winds are blowing from the east and the waters are calm, then head down to the beach between the boat ramp and the old Hamelin Bay Timber Jetty to meet and greet these locals.

The stingrays often come right up into the shallow water to feed on the scraps left over from fisherman. If you stand still they will come up around your legs, just remember these are wild animals and stingrays do have venomous barbs. Although they are not aggressive, they will defend themselves if they feel threatened. So just enjoy watching them swirl around in the beautiful waters and resist the temptation to touch them.

Whale Watching in Augusta

Whale Hamelin Bay

Guess what, we are on our way to the final destination and it’s only a short 15 minute drive away! Wondering what to do in Augusta? There is so much to see in this town, but watching whales in Augusta should be on top of your list!    

During the months of May through to August, be sure to jump on a whale watching tour with Naturaliste Charters where you can head out and see the Humpback and Southern right whales start to make the migration North to warmer waters. Book your whale tour today! 

After the tour, pop in for a meal or drink at the Augusta Pub which boasts some of the best views in town as it overlooks the river and ocean, take a drive around to the Leeuwin lighthouse, which just happens to be the tallest lighthouse on mainland Australia, and the point of where the two oceans (Southern & Indian) meet. 

The road may be long at times, but it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! Happy adventuring and safe travels to you all.

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