Aggregations of Cetaceans in Bremer Canyon

Aggregations of Pilot Whales were seen today

Unveiling the Aggregations: Exploring the Mysteries of Bremer Canyon

Today was a prime example of how we are still yet to uncover the many wonders of Bremer Canyon.

Little cloud cover and low winds created ideal boating conditions for a fantastic day out on the water, arriving to the hotspot in no time.

The Bremer Canyon, along with its neighbouring canyons form an integral part of the Albany group of canyons along the continental shelf.

These canyons are known for their periodic upwellings of cold, nutrient-rich waters.

Fostering a rich ecosystem that attracts marine life of all kinds, including diverse aggregations.

Encounters with Oceanic Hammerhead Sharks

We paused our journey suddenly to a sight of a dorsal fin just breaking the surface beside the boat.

But this was no dorsal of an orca… instead, it was the dorsal fin of an estimated 2-2.5 meter Oceanic Hammerhead shark!

This fascinating creature cruised around the area for five minutes, providing us with our first interaction of the day.

The hammer-like shape of the shark’s head is believed to enhance its vision and sensory detection abilities.

Their eyes positioned on the sides allowing for a wide field of view.

Hammerheads, equipped with electroreceptor pores, can effectively sweep for prey, showcasing their remarkable hunting adaptations within these aggregations.

Quest for Black and White Dolphins: Exploring

Circling back and heading east, we continued our run along the shelf with our eyes peeled for the black and white dolphins we were eager to see.

As the afternoon progressed, we decided to head back towards the hotspot for one final search.

Fortunately, stumbling upon a group of strap-toothed beaked whales resting at the surface.

These elusive creatures, known for foraging in canyon systems and shelf edges, are essential prey for apex predators like orcas.

Today, their presence at the surface offered a glimpse into their mysterious lives.

This highlights the intricate balance of marine ecosystems and the significance of aggregations in sustaining diverse marine life.

Speculations and Reflections on Aggregations

After a patient day of awaiting the anticipated orcas, sadly, we were unlucky in our endeavours.

A no-whale day doesn’t happen often, but it serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of nature.

Our minds wander about the whereabouts of the plentiful pods today.

Did they head south? Did they take a day trip out to Albany?

Every encounter, whether successful or not, fuels new information and proposes theories about their movements.

Grounding us in the beautiful, raw nature of wildlife at its finest and the complex dynamics of aggregations in marine ecosystems.

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It's surprising who you find 25 kilometres out to sea.
By Naturaliste Charter It's surprising who you find 25 kilometres out to sea.
Peregrine Falcon atop Glasse Island
By Naturaliste Charter Peregrine Falcon atop Glasse Island
Seal Pup at Glasse Island
By Naturaliste Charter Seal Pup at Glasse Island

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