Hotspot of Bremer Canyon

Bremer Canyon hotspot

Bremer Canyon is a Hotspot

Hotspot is the name we use to describe Bremer Canyon.

This is due to it being an exciting concentration of activity of cetaceans and other pelagic species.

18.01.2024. Passing Glasse Island a small pod of dolphin briefly escorted us towards the hotspot in Bremer Canyon.

Stormy weather that had passed through the Bremer Bay region the past two days had left pleasantly surprising boating conditions.

Our tour was enjoying the calm after the storm on the gentle swell that ensued.

Hitting the Hostspot

The call was heard “Beaky’s” from the starboard side of our boat.

Incredibly a group of 6 beaked whales were resting on the ocean surface.

Interactions of this type are rare, having multiple individuals calmly re-oxygenating their bodies after a long dive.

Usually this means no orca in sight, it was important to continue the search.

Beaked Whales at the hotspot

Beaked whales forage on the ocean floor at depths greater than 1,000 metres for approximately 67% of their lives.

Mammals that hold their breath for the longest time include Beaked Whales.

Some species are able to hold their breath for up to three hours before resurfacing to breathe.

There is not much time to snap a photo of the whales as they dive for safety. 

Spotting Orca

Heading southwest along the continental shelf away from the hotspot in search of orca.

Matriarch Tatty’s orca pod surrounded the vessel and were swimming in all directions.

Belonging to matriarch Tatty the pod of killer whale included Miro and her calf Lauren.

Orca Chalky made an appearance, interacting with the boat throughout our hotspot tour.

Back to the Hotspot

Following the orca pod they circled, heading back to the Bremer hotspot, retracing the steps we took to find them.

Close passes by the orca under the bow and a few aerial swoops were seen as multiple Wandering Albatross glided by.

Winding up the tour at the hotspot we passed Glasse Island to view Australian Sea Lions basking in the sun.

A beautiful way to end the day.


Photos taken by Sara Hysong-Shimazu

Blog written by Marine Biologist Jade Cantrell


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