Courtship and New Life in the Bremer Canyon

Courtship by orca

Courtship on the High Seas

19.1.2024 Courtship between the orca was not what we expected when departing port at Bremer Bay Harbour today.

Embarking on a thrilling day on the water, from playful dolphins to captivating orca romance in Bremer Canyon.

Common Dolphins at Play

Sunshine breaks through clouds as we head briskly to the hotspot, joyfully interrupted by Common Dolphins playing at the bow.

Setting the stage for an exciting day, these dolphins reveal their energy-efficient, playful nature riding the vessel’s bow wave.

Mystery Female Orca

Our first interaction southwest of the hotspot unveils Hookfin and a mysterious female enjoying the calm seas.

Moving seamlessly into the story, we encounter unfamiliar orca, a rare sight, captivating our attention and curiosity.

Gliding Beneath Us

Following Hookfin and two additional females, passengers witness close passes and glides underneath the vessel, leaving everyone in awe.

Transitioning into the evolving dynamics, the courtship behaviors between Hookfin and the mysterious female become increasingly apparent.

As the day progresses, the pair’s behaviours shift, displaying remarkable closeness reminiscent of courtship.

Transitioning into the intricacies of orca interactions, the blog explores specific behaviours, from rolling to vocalisations and alignment.

Courtship Behavioural Displays

These behaviours, differentiating from general play, include chasing, physical contact, body posturing and even occasional aggressive displays.

Shifting focus to the potential future, there’s a distinct possibility of a new orca calf in the next two summers.

Courtship to Calf

Gestation periods of the orca is 15-18 months, the Bremer Canyon might welcome a new addition to the orca family soon.

Concluding the day’s events, the female rejoins the other unknown orca and Hookfin sets off to find his mother.

Extraordinary Experience

Our day on the water was extraordinary, from dolphin playfulness to orca courtship, promising potential new life in Bremer Canyon.


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