Whales Galore! Morning Tour: 11.07.24

Humpback Heaven on Flinders

Whales Everywhere in the Bay

This morning, whales were EVERYWHERE in the bay. It allowed plenty of opportunities to experience these beautiful giants up close!

The calm waters made spotting these magnificent creatures even more enjoyable.

First Encounter: Mother, Calf, and Escort Trio

Our first encounter was with a humpback whale mother, calf, and escort trio.

They gently approached our vessel, giving us a fantastic view.

After observing them for a while, we left in search of others within the bay.

The Role of Male Escorts

Male escorts often travel with a mother and calf pair.

They are not necessarily the father.

Instead, they hope to become a breeding partner if the female becomes fertile.

This dynamic adds an interesting aspect to whale behaviour.

Female Whale Behaviour

Females often do not fall pregnant again until their calf is independent.

This happens even if they are fertile after giving birth.

The male escort aids her, protecting the vulnerable pair from potential predators along their migration journey.

This protective behaviour is crucial for the survival of the young calf.

More Whale Sightings

As we continued our tour, we saw more humpback whales.

They were cruising through the bay, displaying their majestic movements.

Some whales even treated us to spectacular breaches, showcasing their strength and agility.

The sight was truly awe-inspiring and left everyone on board in awe.

Lucky Dolphin Sighting

We were also lucky enough to see a large pod of Bottlenose dolphins.

They were mingling with several small groups of humpback individuals.

The dolphins and whales circled within the shallower waters.

Their playful behaviour added a delightful contrast to the graceful whales.

Importance of Whale Watching

This morning’s tour highlighted the incredible diversity of marine life in our oceans.

It also emphasised the importance of preserving these natural habitats.

Whale watching provides a unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural environment.


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