Interacting with Whales and Dolphins: 11.06.24 Afternoon Tour

Humppack Whales and Dolphin Interactions

Thrilling Interactions

What an awesome afternoon on the water!

Today’s tour was filled with incredible sightings and thrilling interactions with some of the ocean’s most majestic creatures.

The beauty of Flinders Bay was on full display, making for an unforgettable experience.

Young Humpback Frolicking

As we headed out of the marina, excitement bubbled up as we spotted our first young Humpback whale frolicking around Flinders Bay.

Watching this youthful giant play in the water was a heartwarming sight, showcasing the joy and vitality of these magnificent creatures.

The young whale’s playful antics were a perfect start to our afternoon adventure.

Interacting with Bottlenose Dolphins

We encountered another Humpback whale interacting with a pod of bottlenose dolphins at the front bow.

This interaction between species is always a fascinating spectacle.

The dolphins, known for their playful nature, seemed to be having a great time swimming and diving around the larger whale.

These interactions provide a glimpse into the complex social dynamics of marine life.

Highlighting the interconnectedness of ocean ecosystems.

Spouts Across the Bay

As we looked around the bay, we were greeted with the sight of spouts everywhere, indicating the presence of numerous whales in the area.

The sight of these spouts, caused by whales exhaling forcefully through their blowholes, added to the excitement and wonder of the afternoon.

Each spout was a reminder of the vibrant life beneath the waves, making us appreciate the abundance and diversity of marine wildlife in Flinders Bay.

Close Encounter with Adult Humpbacks

The highlight of our tour came as we were heading back to the marina in the afternoon.

We had a close encounter at the back of the stern with two adult Humpback whales.

Seeing these majestic giants up close was a breathtaking experience.

The sheer size and grace of the adult Humpbacks were awe-inspiring.

Their calm presence near our vessel left everyone on board in silent admiration.

The Magic of Marine Interactions

Today’s tour was a testament to the magic of marine interactions.

Humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins engaging with each other in their environment,

is a reminder of the intricate and wondrous world beneath the ocean’s surface.

These interactions not only provide entertainment but also offer valuable insights into the behaviour and social structures of these marine species.


Our afternoon tour ended on a high note with the close encounter of two adult Humpbacks, marking a perfect conclusion to an amazing day.

Each tour brings new experiences and deeper appreciation for the ocean’s inhabitants.

Whether it’s the playful frolicking of a young whale, the dynamic interactions with dolphins.

Or the awe-inspiring presence of adult whales, every moment spent on the water is a treasure.

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