Witnessing the Majestic Orca Feeding Frenzy in Bremer Sub Basin

Split Tips Pod

A Thrilling Encounter: Orca Feeding Frenzy Unfolds

We arrived at the hotspot this morning to witness a spectacle of nature: a remarkable orca feeding frenzy.

The scene was electrifying, with tail slapping, head lunging and splashing filling the air as the killer whales showcased their prowess.

Our excitement surged as we raced past Split Tip and Wonks, eager to discover the source of the eruptions of white water ahead.

Oil slicks on the surface hinted at the orcas’ purposeful movement southwestward, indicating they weren’t merely on a leisurely swim but actively hunting below.

As Kirra surfaced with a chunk of white meat in her mouth, accompanied by young Basil, we realised we were witnessing a feeding frenzy.

This was fantastic news, as well-fed orcas often exhibit heightened social and interactive behaviours.

Playful Calves and Majestic Adults: Our Day with Orcas

Amongst the pod members present were Echo, Comet and Hally, alongside Hermes’ pod, and endearing members like Chopper.

However, it was the playful antics of the youngsters that stole the show.

The calves from Split Tip’s pod delighted us with their acrobatics, swimming rings around our vessel and engaging in playful wrestling matches.

Young Fish from Hermes’ pod captivated us with agile twists and turns, drawing cheers from onboard spectators.

Moments of awe ensued when the majestic El Notcho, a mature male, passed by, showcasing his sheer size and power.

As the orcas satisfied their hunger, they turned back towards the hotspot, displaying no signs of slowing down.

Instead, they surged effortlessly through the water, their fluorescent blue patches glowing under the surface.

Insights into Orca Behaviour: The dynamics of Feeding and Socialising

Amidst the spectacle, we spotted El Notcho again, displaying courtship behaviour with a female from another pod.

HIs efforts left fresh rake marks on his side, showcasing the intensity of their interactions.

This abundance of energy socialising among wild orcas underscores the richness of the Bremer Canyon.

The canyon is clearly capable of supporting a thriving population of apex predators.

Journey ends with a pass of Glasse Island

Our journey continued with a stop at Glasse Island, where we were treated to a vocal performance from a young sea lion pup.

This added another delightful moment to our adventure in the canyon.

Our experience with the orca feeding frenzy was nothing short of extraordinary.

This offers us profound insights into their behaviour and the vibrancy of marine life in the Bremer Sub Basin.

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Orca in play mode after a successful hunt
By Naturaliste Charter Orca in play mode after a successful hunt
Orca are identified by their eye and saddle patches
By Naturaliste Charter Orca are identified by their eye and saddle patches

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