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Perth Whale Watching Experience

Western Australia’s coastline is the longest in Australia, spanning over 10,000kms. It’s beautiful and varied beaches, headlands and bays provide opportunities to witness so much life! From fish to seals, sea lions, birds, and of course cetaceans, our waters are abundant. Whale watching tours let you get away from the shore to explore our stunning waters and get immersed in the world of these ocean giants.


Perth, The Sunny And Relaxed Capital of Western Australia

Perth, the sunny and relaxed capital of our great state is an excellent place to start when visiting WA. With the many nature based experiences to be had, such as spending time on our beautiful beaches, exploring Kings Park Botanical Gardens and if you’re feeling like taking a long walk, the Bibbulmun Track which meanders from Perth all the way to Albany in the south through tall forests and coastal cliffs. Our seasonal wildflowers in WA are spectacular too, and can be spotted at different locations across the seasons but especially around September.


Our WA Waters

Another very special seasonal phenomenon in our WA waters is the annual migration of whales, as they farwell their summer feeding grounds in the Southern Ocean and take the long voyage north towards warmer waters up the coast. Humpback, southern right, pigmy blue, sperm and long finned pilot whales grace our waters. Some species, such as the Humpback whale will journey all the way up the Kimberly Coast to the Camped Sound Marine park which is a protected humpback nursery ground.

Particular locations along the WA coast provide the best locations for interacting with whales and are prime for seeing these ocean giants. The shape of our coastline, the currents bathing our continental shelf waters, and the migratory routes taken by the whales all combine to make locations such as Augusta, Busselton and Dunsborough in the south west, ideal places to join whale watching tours. Just a short drive south of Perth and an ocean of mysteries opens up for you.

From July, another spectacular cetacean arrives. Flinders Bay is one of only a handful of major calving areas along Australia’s coastline for the endangered Southern Right Whale. In the shallow protected waters of the bay, the next generation are born. The whales rest and play in the bay before their epic crossing of the Southern Ocean to the feeding grounds of Antarctica as winter slips into spring.

Augusta, Home To The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Augusta is a lovely quiet town home to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and close to the revered Margaret River Wine Region. Augusta whale watching, as the mammals head to warmer waters for the winter is best from mid May to August each year – and departs from Augusta boat harbour. Here on our tours we explore Flinders Bay, perfect to sight Humpback whales and southern right whales as they make their way migrating north. Daily tours departing at 10 and 2 daily are approximately 2 – 2.5 hours long giving you plenty of time to soak up the experience.

Augusta is a town perfect to visit for the weekend, giving you access to the lively town of Margaret River if you feel like it, or letting you explore the relatively quiet bays such as Cosy Corner and Hamelin Bay. The Cape to Cape Track between Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse in Dunsborough down to Cape Leeuwin in Augusta is another way to explore this stunning part of the world. There are some lovely short day walks from Augusta that combined with a day of whale watching in Augusta would make for a perfect day in nature.

Dunsborough, An Absolute Must!

Later in the whale migration season, Dunsborough whale watching is an absolute must! We connect with the migrating whales on their journey south back down towards Antarctic waters in Geographe Bay. Our Dunsborough whale watching tours begin on the 1st Sept through to early Dec and depart twice daily from Quindalup. Spring is a fantastic time to explore the south coast, as the whales are playful and engaging. Wildflowers will be out, the days getting longer and the weather warmer making the season a special time in nature.

Enjoy Beautiful Busselton

Whale watching in Busselton on one of our Busselton Whale Watching Eco Tours provides a relaxing and enjoyable whale watching experience, as we board via the historic Busselton Jetty. Tours depart from the 1st Sept to early Dec, allowing us calm and relaxed whale viewing as the cetaceans make their way south towards summer feeding grounds. Busselton is a thriving coastal city, and an excellent place to visit for coffee, culture, art, and of course whales!

Join us in Bremer Bay

From December to April, if you’re looking for a Perth whale watching experience full of action, come down and join us on our Bremer Canyon Killer whale expeditions! Running from early January to late April each year out of the coastal town Bremer Bay, we head out off the coast to visit an important aggregation ground for our oceans’ apex predators. These astounding ecosystems are to be seen to be believed, and with 7 years of experience out at the Canyon, our crew remain as excited as ever to share the experience. Being the first company to begin sharing this amazing ecosystem with the public, we are the founders in ecotourism expeditions in the region and just love navigating the deep abyssal waters alongside the ocean super predators.

Naturaliste Charters, 25 Years Of Perth Whale Watching Experience.

Our team of passionate, knowledgeable and experienced crew are thrilled to work alongside these gentle giants and apex predators in southern Western Australia. We are a small family owned business with 25 years experience in cetacean-rich waters of the south west coastline. Seeing whales in the wild is a completely exhilarating experience in nature! For a wonderful Perth whale watching experience, call us for more information on exploring the beautiful south west or book online.