Humpback Activity Time: 20.06.24 Afternoon Tour

Humpback Whale pectoral slapping

Show Stopper Activity!!

After a morning filled with awe-inspiring whale activity, the afternoon tour promised to be another exciting adventure.

Sometimes, it’s hard for subsequent tours to match the spectacle of earlier ones, but this afternoon proved to be an exception.

With so many whales, the crew found themselves surrounded by marine mammals, each moment more exhilarating than the last.

A Bay Teeming with Activity

As we set out into the bay, it became clear that the whale activity was at an all-time high.

Spouts were visible for miles, creating a breathtaking panorama of misty sprays against the blue horizon.

Some spouts were even close to the shoreline, a reminder of how rich and inviting these waters are for humpback whales.

The Humpback Extravaganza

The humpbacks were in full display mode, treating us to a range of behaviours that left everyone in awe.

Small competition pods formed, with males vying for the attention of a female through impressive displays of strength and agility.

The sight of head lunges, where whales thrust their heads above the water, was particularly thrilling, showcasing their power and grace.

Pectoral slapping added a rhythmic beat, with whales using their long fins to create loud, resonant splashes on the water’s surface.

Each slap seemed to echo the excitement of the tour, amplifying the collective energy on board.

Close Encounters of the Whale Kind

The highlight of the tour was undoubtedly the close encounters with these majestic creatures.

One unforgettable moment occurred when a humpback breached right beside our boat, surprising everyone with its proximity and sheer size.

The sight of this giant leaping out of the water, its body glistening in the sunlight, was nothing short of spectacular.

Another heart-stopping moment was when a humpback approached the starboard side of the boat, giving us an intimate view of its rostrum.

The intricate details of its skin, marked by barnacles and scars, told a story of life in the ocean, adding a profound depth to the experience.

A Pod of Playful Dolphins

As if the whales weren’t enough, our journey back to shore was accompanied by a playful pod of dolphins.

These energetic creatures darted through the waves, their sleek bodies gliding effortlessly alongside the boat.

Their playful antics, leaping and weaving through the water, were a delightful end to an already incredible day.

A Day Enjoyed by All

The joy and excitement were palpable among everyone on board.

The crew, a wealth of knowledge and passion for marine life, shared fascinating insights and stories, enriching the experience for all.

By the end of the tour, the smiles on the faces of both the staff and passengers spoke volumes about the success of the day.

The Wonders of Flinders Bay

The afternoon tour was a testament to the wonders of Flinders Bay and the extraordinary marine life it supports.

The sheer number of humpback whales and playful interactions with dolphins, a reminder of the beauty and vitality of the ocean.

Delivering an unforgettable experience, left us all with  a deeper appreciation for the magnificent creatures that inhabit our seas.

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