Spectacular Whale Watching Experience: 20.06.24 Morning Tour

Humpback Whale Flukes

Spectacular Whale Watching

June 20th greeted us with another spectacular morning of whale watching in Flinders Bay. If we thought yesterday’s tour was the pinnacle of marine excitement, today’s tour proved to be equally spectacular. The bay was alive with activity, showcasing a mesmerising array of humpback whales and even a playful pod of dolphins. From awe-inspiring breaches to the playful antics of juvenile whales, the morning was a vivid display of nature’s wonders.

Flinders Bay: A Whales’ Paradise

Flinders Bay seemed to be teeming with life, with humpback whales in every direction. The variety was impressive, featuring both juvenile and adult whales, each adding its unique touch to the morning’s spectacle. The bay, with its rich feeding grounds and calm waters, provides an ideal habitat for these magnificent creatures, making it a hotspot for whale watchers and marine enthusiasts alike.

Majestic Breaches and Playful Slaps

The tour began with the breathtaking sight of humpback whales breaching. Seeing these massive creatures launch themselves out of the water, twisting and turning in mid-air, was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Each breach was a powerful reminder of the strength and grace of these ocean giants.

Following the breaches, we were treated to the sight of pectoral slapping. The whales’ long pectoral fins slapped against the water’s surface, creating resounding splashes that echoed across the bay. This behaviour, often used for communication and play, added a rhythmic, almost musical element to the experience.

Tails and Tales: A Closer Look

No whale watching tour is complete without the iconic sight of whale tails gracefully lifting out of the water before a deep dive. These moments, where the tails or flukes emerge, are always a favorite among whale watchers, providing not just spectacular photo opportunities but also a glimpse into the whales’ behaviour as they dive deep to feed or travel.

Small Competition Pods: Nature’s Drama Unfolds

Amid the individual displays, we also witnessed the dynamic interactions of small competition pods. These groups, consisting of several males vying for the attention of a female, showcased the competitive and social aspects of humpback behaviour. The males displayed their strength and agility, creating a captivating underwater ballet as they jostled for position.

Dolphin Delights: Unexpected Companions

Adding to the excitement of the morning were the playful dolphins that joined the whales. These energetic creatures swam alongside the boat, leaping out of the water and weaving through the waves. Their playful interactions with the whales were a delightful sight, underscoring the rich biodiversity of Flinders Bay.

Crew and Passengers: A Shared Joy

The enthusiasm and joy on board were contagious. The crew, seasoned experts in marine life, shared their knowledge and passion with the passengers, enhancing the experience with fascinating insights into whale behaviour and marine ecology. By the end of the tour, everyone on board, from the crew to the passengers, was beaming with smiles, a testament to the unforgettable nature of the experience.


This spectacular morning will be remembered as another highlight in our series of whale watching adventures with Naturaliste Charters. The sheer number of humpback whales, coupled with their diverse behaviours and the surprise visit from playful dolphins, created a magical and memorable tour.

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