Pod Hunting at Bremer Canyon

Killer Whales swim in a family pod

Pods Galore: A day of Marine Marvels

24.1.2024 Passengers gathered eagerly in anticipation of seeing a Killer Whale Pod at Bremer Bay for a day of maritime marvels aboard the Alison Maree.

The voyage began with an Australian sea lion savoring a fish beneath the jetty, captivating onlookers and crew.

The journey to the hotspot unfolded with the playful antics of common dolphins and the surface-rolling maneuvers of a long-nosed fur seal, showcasing deep-diving abilities.

Killer Whale Pod Emerge:

At the hotspot, the killer whale pod, led by Echo, emerged. Echo’s leadership was complemented by a new calf, just 8 months old, adding innocence to the pod’s powerful presence.

Brief surface appearances revealed the initially elusive nature of the pod, transforming as they merged with El Notcho’s pod.

Interactive Killer Whales:

Shifting dynamics made the whales more interactive, providing passengers with close encounters.

El Notcho, a remarkable killer whale, swam alongside, revealing the sheer size and grace of these awe-inspiring creatures.

Passengers were treated to a rare spectacle as the two pods traveled in sync, creating a captivating display of marine life.

The arrival of Tatty’s pod added to the day’s excitement, initiating a thrilling chase as the whales moved purposefully westward.

Whale watching at Bremer Canyon is once again proving to be a worthy adventure.

Stopover at Glasse Island

The vessel made a thoughtful stopover at Glasse Island, allowing passengers to observe and appreciate charming sea lions in their natural habitat.

Adding another layer of delight to an enchanting day in the Canyon.

In summary, despite challenges posed by the elusive nature of these marine giants, passengers experience an unforgettable day filled with diverse wildlife encounters.

Bremer Bay once again proved a haven for marine enthusiasts connecting with the wonders of the deep.

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