Weekly Wind-Up for Dunsborough Whale Watching Tours

A glimpse of the tail of a humpback whale on a whale watching tour

Dates: 4th September to 10th September, 2023

4.9.23 Morning Tour

bottle nosed dolphin weekly tours

Our work experience decky Jordy spotted blows before we dropped lines at the anchorage. Within minutes, we were surrounded by two curious Humpbacks & a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins. Interacting with each other while circling the vessel for over an hour in 7m of water as we drifted in their relaxed company.

4.9.23 Afternoon Tour

Breaching Humpback

Head lunges & peduncle tail slaps moved into lofty breach action with two Humpbacks keeping everyone entertained. A welcomed surprise was in store, with the season’s first Dwarf Minke Whale appearing in the shallows on the way in.


humpback whales

The group of Humpback Whales seen today braved the chilly winds and provided a few friendly peduncle slaps and close encounters at the back of the boat, being the highlights of today’s Dunsborough Whale Watching tour.

07.09.23 Morning Tour

humpback whale tail slap on a dunsborough whale watching tour WA

Patience was key this morning with quiet whales sending us towards Cape Naturaliste in search of some action! A pod of dolphins was additionally spotted surfing the break around the west side of the Cape, and we were lucky to be treated with another two Humpbacks giving tail slaps on our way in!

07.09.23 Afternoon Tour

whale watching in dunsborugh

What a treat! We were greeted early by a group of 5 Humpbacks with pectoral slaps and playful actions, surrounded by a pod of dolphins… until we got news that there was a Blue Whale spotted off Point Picquet! This makes it the first Blue Whale for the season in the area, and this one is a month early! Heading to Point Picquet, we were greeted with even more active Humpbacks, tail slapping, head lunging, and breaching! No Blue Whale was found, but the whales we did see made for the perfect afternoon.


Dunsborough Whale Watching

We were lucky enough to experience it all on today’s tour! Breaches from afar, peduncle slaps, tail slaps, and best of all, 360-degree encounters from all points on Alison Maree, as some curious Humpbacks circled around for close to an hour making sure that everyone on board got a close look! You could’ve touched them at the back of the boat at some stages when one individual spyhopped to check us out!

10.09.23 Afternoon Tour

humpback whales

Curly tails, pectoral slaps, breaches… oh my! This Humpback individual had a very interesting fluke (otherwise known as their tail), making sure we saw their uniqueness by tail slapping repeatedly. This ‘deformity’ could be a result of how it formed while in the womb, perhaps being squished and the muscle didn’t get to form correctly, nevertheless, very beautiful and super cool to see!

Join us for the upcoming tours to witness these magnificent creatures in action. Don’t miss your chance to create unforgettable memories with the breathtaking marine life of Dunsborough!

Book your tour now or call us at +47 3308 9750 5500. See you on the waters soon!

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