Whale Watching Blog 05.06.24 Morning Tour

Breaching Humpback Whale

A Thrilling Start to the Day

Today started strong, with anticipation in the air as we embarked on our whale-watching adventure.

It wasn’t long before we were rewarded with the sight of towering blows and a resounding splash in the distance.

Signalling the presence of our majestic marine friends.

Our first encounter was with two juvenile humpback whales, and what an encounter it was!

Meet the Juvenile Humpbacks

As we approached, we quickly noticed distinct personalities in our whale duo.

One juvenile was a bit reserved, hanging back as if shy, while the other was bursting with energy and enthusiasm.

This lively young whale put on an incredible display, showcasing every trick in its repertoire.

A Spectacular Show

The energetic humpback began with a peduncle throw, a dramatic move that had everyone on board gasping in awe.

Following this, we were treated to a series of powerful tail slaps that echoed across the water.

The playful whale then rolled onto its side, giving us a clear view of its belly and pectoral fin, a rare and breathtaking sight.

An Unexpected Surprise

Just as we were about to bid farewell to our performing friend and investigate a large humpback spotted about two miles out.

We witnessed an astounding breach. A huge humpback whale leapt out of the water, crashing back down with a mighty splash.

This breach, a spectacular form of communication, left us in awe and eager to stay.

Encore Performance

To our delight, our energetic juvenile humpback seemed to sense our excitement and continued its performance.

It executed several breaches, leaping out of the water with remarkable agility, and followed up with head lunges that brought it tantalisingly close to our boat.

The sheer energy and joy of this whale were infectious, captivating everyone on board.

A Perfect Ending

As our time with the whales came to an end, we began our journey back to the marina, still buzzing from the incredible experience.

But the sea had one last surprise in store for us. As we neared the marina, we spotted two playful dolphins, a perfect way to conclude our tour.

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