Whale Watching Blog: 06.06.24 Morning Tour

Whale Watching Humpback Whale Tale

Whale Watching Adventure

As we set out to sea this morning, the excitement was palpable among the passengers.
The ocean was calm, and the sky was clear—a perfect day for whale watching.
We didn’t have to wait long before our first encounter with two magnificent humpback whales.

Close Encounter with Humpbacks

Watching the ocean closely we spotted humpback whales logging at the surface.
This is a behaviour where they rest and float, occasionally diving below.
The gentle rise and fall of their massive bodies created a sense of calm and wonder among us.
As the humpbacks dove under the water, we were fortunate to catch a glimpse of the underside of their tails.
Showcasing the unique patterns that help researchers identify individual whales.

Changing Course

Our initial excitement was tempered slightly as the humpbacks headed towards the Abalone farm.
Understanding the need to give them space, we decided to change direction and continue our search for more marine life.
This decision soon paid off.

Dolphins Riding the Waves

In our new direction, we were delighted to encounter a pod of six bottlenose dolphins.
These graceful creatures rode the waves with effortless elegance, leaping and playing in the surf.
Their playful antics brought smiles to everyone’s faces and offered fantastic opportunities for photos and videos.

A Visit from Occy

Adding to the magic of the morning, our feathered friend Occy, a Pacific gull known for his friendly demeanour, made an appearance.
Occy has become a beloved regular on our tours, often flying around the boat and landing close by in search of some tasty treats.
Today was no exception. His arrival brought a new level of joy to the passengers, many of whom had never seen such a large gull up close.

Passenger Delight

Occy’s presence was a hit, especially with the younger passengers who were thrilled to see him up close.
He circled the boat, displaying his impressive wingspan, and then settled comfortably, eyeing everyone with curiosity.
It’s always a treat to see how much joy he brings to our guests, making each tour even more special.

A Memorable Morning

As we headed back to the marina, the sense of satisfaction and happiness was evident on everyone’s faces.
The combination of humpback whales, playful dolphins, and our special guest Occy made this morning’s tour a truly memorable experience.
Each encounter reminded us of the beauty and diversity of marine life, and we felt privileged to witness it all.

Looking Forward

With such an incredible morning behind us, we can’t help but look forward to the adventures that lie ahead.
Every tour is unique, and we are always eager to see what the ocean will reveal next.
Until then, we carry the memories of today with us, grateful for the opportunity to share these moments with our passengers.
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